Why I March

It is on behalf of those I know

who have lost their voices to violence,
who will never believe they alone are reason enough to leave a bad partner,
who will always be looking over their shoulders because they were born on another riverbank,
who are still in the closet,
who are seeking refuge from war and persecution abroad but do not know if they will be granted safety here,
who have yet to find the legs on which to stand up for themselves,
who were never taught that they were sacred,
who have never known what it means to be first, or safe, or worthy –

This is why I march.
© Mayme Snow

Photo Essay: Making a Van a Home

homeThis summer, whenever I told someone that I was living out of my van I usually needed to quickly pitch in that it was on purpose in order for their eyebrows to relax.  It was not a sad story of me ending up homeless and living in a car (that was so high school), but rather I became a first-time homeowner by converting an old cargo van into a functional living space.  With the help of a couple of dear friends – along with their nephew and neighbors even pitching in an occassional hand – I was able to convert something cold and rusty into a cozy environment fit for a pug.  These photos are solely of the van’s transformation but pictures from the places where it took us will be coming soon.  Also, it is worth mentioning to the people who know me that I only had to go to the ER once due to injury (did you know your eyeball can get blistered from acid and it won’t affect your vision?).  Chicka, chicka, chickabee.

<a href="https://flic.kr/s/aHsk5EoS6o" target="_blank">Click to View</a>

Weekend Project: Kitchen Shelves

This weekend I finished building these kitchen shelves. We used pine and I will coat it with an Eco-friendly lacquer this next weekend to protect the wood and maintain its color. There is a sense of satisfaction from building something with your own two hands that money could never buy. I also didn’t realize how much fun a circular saw could be: the screeching noise, the sawdust flying around, the smell of heated metal and woodchips…I think I’m addicted!




Setting Up Shop

soldering.jpgMy sister wasn’t kidding about soldering – one piece and my head is pounding! I’m taking a break and grabbing my respirator, then it’s back to work. My lungs are taking a beating but my hands are absolutely loving this. I’ve never done any metal work with the exception of welding tractors so when I saw that first bead of silver run, I felt like an alchemist!  Thank you Taiwanese soldering iron, you are my magic wand.

I’m hoping to have my store set up by March.