Photo Essay: Making a Van a Home

homeThis summer, whenever I told someone that I was living out of my van I usually needed to quickly pitch in that it was on purpose in order for their eyebrows to relax.  It was not a sad story of me ending up homeless and living in a car (that was so high school), but rather I became a first-time homeowner by converting an old cargo van into a functional living space.  With the help of a couple of dear friends – along with their nephew and neighbors even pitching in an occassional hand – I was able to convert something cold and rusty into a cozy environment fit for a pug.  These photos are solely of the van’s transformation but pictures from the places where it took us will be coming soon.  Also, it is worth mentioning to the people who know me that I only had to go to the ER once due to injury (did you know your eyeball can get blistered from acid and it won’t affect your vision?).  Chicka, chicka, chickabee.

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