Mayme Snow is a transplanted bumpkin who traded the Rocky Mountains for the Atlantic Ocean in hopes of one day becoming a sailboat captain. Or at least a deckhand. Growing up as a farm kid in southern Colorado, she can operate heavy machinery, jump a motorcycle, grow a vegetable garden anywhere there’s sunlight, fix old cars, make some mean pickles, and shoot a gun.

She moved to Denver in 1999 and since then has helped create a couple new businesses, slept in parks, dined with Senators, partied with biker gangs, been a personal caretaker for the sick and disabled, practiced Ninjutsu, dropped out of college, and made a few awesome friends.

She has traveled to Italy and been in the Pope’s closet, picked up hitchhikers along the Dead Sea, and drank tea with Buddhist monks during her stay at a South Korean monastery.

Currently Mayme resides in Down East Maine along with a vicious guard pug where she is writing her first book for publication. When she is not writing, she is strumming her instruments, photographing the outdoors, tinkering in her workshop, and tending to her plants.