Militia Porn

The following is from a catalog that appeared in my mailbox, with a huge M48 Kommando [sic] Crossbow on the cover and some guy decked out in special forces gear – mask and all.  The culture of this magazine is intriguing to me as it reminds me of the gun shows my dad took me to where there were a lot of angry white men ready to fight for America, with their common enemy being anyone that is not them.  They hate President Obama and love Nazi paraphernalia.  It’s terrifying to see one of the most politically uneducated, socially intolerant, and paranoid cultures in the country arming itself like their tomorrow depends on it (which they believe).  This is the same culture I’ve seen involved with abortion clinic bombings, hate crimes against minorities, and mass shootings.  Here they call themselves freedom fighters, god’s army, militia men, and patriots, while their equivalents abroad prefer to be labeled under the more umbrella term of al-Qaeda.  Mind you, I only picked some of the more interesting ones, but for each item here there are many more just as outrageously dangerous and tacky:

  • Replica of the Gun That Killed Lincoln
  • Armor of God Coin (gold-plated w/Ephesians 6:13-17)
  • Throwing Tomahawk
  • German Nazi WWII Dagger (back by popular demand)
  • Brass Balls (scrotum) Key Chain
  • Handcuff Shim Pick
  • Trojan Helmet
  • 70-inch African Spear w/Wood Handle
  • Stink Bombs
  • Black Large Split Hide Bull Whip
  • Tiger Eye Obelisk (“ward off negative forces”)
  • No Bull Walking Stick (“The legendary bull waking stick was originally constructed with the dried penis of famous rodeo bulls…While the natural bull penis canes lacked durability, the polypropylene constructed replica is nearly indestructible.”)
  • Blowgun Kit
  • Book: “Emergency War Surgery”
  • Border Patrol Survival Bowie (caption on blade: “America Will Defend***Illegals Not Welcome”; made in China)  Continue reading

Video: Happy Birthday V

I made this video for a friend who turns 60 today and thought I would share it with you so you can see what life is like in a tiny cabin. Enjoy. (There is cursing, in case you don’t me know me that well.)

UPDATE:  “Make the cane from the broom you fly on. Lol”  That’s why I love ya, V.

1/24/14, 6:32pm

I want so much to live in a world where I can trust the kindness of other people. Perhaps a serious error on my part in the past was expecting too much while empathizing too little. Rather than someone hurting me due to a fatal flaw in their trustworthiness or fundamental character, maybe I got hurt because we’re all clumsy human beings who, as Someone pointed out to me, can only mess up when we are in relation to each other (what is there to mess up when we’re alone?). We are bound to harm one another from time to time; the best we can do is hope it doesn’t inflict permanent damage. I think I am learning what is worth salvaging from mistakes within others as well as myself. Seldom is anything beautiful untouched or impressionless.  Stone is carved by water, just as fire is sustained by air. Everything impacts something and I am happy to stop running from the rawness of what it means to be alive in an impactful world.  There is no shame for the human experience so long as we return to a place of love, despite the detours we often take because we are still yet too timid to believe ourselves honorable.