It is nearly impossible
to ever feel
or ease]
to justify living

when Life continues
to cast me in the lead
as another’s
Dark Secret.

©Mayme Snow

MILCK Performs “Quiet” with GW Sirens and Capital Blend

I came across these ladies singing this song at the Women’s March on Washington and am so happy their work is taking off. They had never met before Saturday’s March, practicing the song via Skype during the days leading up to it. The artist MILCK wrote this song originally about living with childhood physical and sexual abuse – a problem that pediatricians and health workers both agree is an epidemic when it comes to affecting the health of our young women and men alike. Now this song is an anthem for a movement and I want to share it with you as a gift. You’re welcome.

Why I March

It is on behalf of those I know

who have lost their voices to violence,
who will never believe they alone are reason enough to leave a bad partner,
who will always be looking over their shoulders because they were born on another riverbank,
who are still in the closet,
who are seeking refuge from war and persecution abroad but do not know if they will be granted safety here,
who have yet to find the legs on which to stand up for themselves,
who were never taught that they were sacred,
who have never known what it means to be first, or safe, or worthy –

This is why I march.
© Mayme Snow